Gifts Your Dog or Cat Actually Wants for Christmas

Homemade Treats: pets_163

Most homemade pet treats are pretty easy to make (some don’t even require baking), and you probably already have the ingredients. Whip up some treats, put them in a festive tin and you’re good to go.

Just be careful to read ingredient labels first. For example, some peanut butter manufacturers have recently added xylitol, which is toxic to pets.

The Doggie Fountain:

Dogs often need water when they’re outside, particularly in hot weather. For those of us who are tired of refilling the water bowl, the Original Doggie Fountain is a creative solution.

The dog steps on the paw-marked panel and can supply his own water whenever he needs it.


This device lets you video call your dog or cat from anywhere. You can also release a scent or a treat. Even better, your pet can call you.

Dog Treat Launcher: 

When it comes to playing fetch, some dogs are tireless, so this gift might just be perfection. The Dog Treat Launcher is easy to use — just fill the container with your dog’s preferred treats and launch the treats up and away.

This will provide your dog with endless entertainment while you sit and relax. Well, at least until the treat container runs out.

Supercat Catnip Cave: 

Cats are crazy for paper bags and catnip, and this gift provides the best of both worlds: a paper bag infused with catnip. The scent is released whenever the bag is rubbed or thrown about, and the bag will last for up to 6 weeks.

Personalized Pet Pillow:

Who doesn’t love pillows? Combine pillows and pets by getting a personalized pet pillow.


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