Why Keep Cats Indoors?

Many cat lovers have a mistaken impression that cats need to be free to roam about outdoors in order to have a happy life. Indoor cats, however, can do plenty of roaming and exploring without ever venturing outdoors, and when they stay inside, they avoid a wide range of risks and hazards, including…


  • Diseases that can be spread from feral cats or other outdoor pets
  • Fleas, ticks, mites, worms and other pests and parasites
  • Predators looking for the easy meal a domestic cat can be
  • Poisons and toxic chemicals, such as antifreeze, oil, pesticides and rodenticides
  • Animal cruelty from unscrupulous persons who may harm or torture the cat
  • Catnapping attempts, either to turn the cat in to a shelter or adopt a “homeless” cat
  • Exposure to poor weather, freezing temperatures and storms
  • Cars and other vehicles that can kill roaming, unwary pets

Because of all these threats, it is no surprise that cats kept exclusively indoors live much longer, healthier lives than their outdoor counterparts. In fact, an indoor cat may live 5-10 times as long as an outdoor cat, giving many more years of faithful companionship to its considerate and responsible owner!


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