Meeting Your Cat’s Dietary Needs

Whatever brand of food you feed your cat, it should be formulated specifically for cats. Cats have very specific dietary needs. Fall short on meeting any of those needs, and health problems may await your furry friend.

In recent years it’s become a popular trend among cat owners to prepare homemade cat food. It’s done with the best of intentions, of course. Well-meaning cat owners believe that the food they prepare for their pets is healthier and safer.

But mistakes are often made with homemade cat food that have unintended consequences. The meat in a cat’s diet, for example, must be properly balanced with calcium and phosphorous, duplicating the minerals that a cat would be getting from eating the bones of its prey in a natural diet.

Other common errors seen in homemade cat food formulation include:

  • Too little meat. Could result in blindness, heart trouble – even death.
  • Too much tuna. This can result in vitamin A toxicosis, possibly creating problems such as brittle bones, joint pain and dry skin.
  • Too much raw fish. This can destroy vitamin B1, possibly resulting in muscular weakness or even brain damage.

Unless YOU are an expert, it’s best to leave the food formulation TO an expert.


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