New Kitten: Day to Day Care

Bringing a new kitten home is a big exciting change in your life.
You want to show the new member of your family to your friends, start showing him some tricks, and have fun interacting with each other. Just remember that a new environment is a big change for the kitten too, and that he needs time to adjust to it.

A Few Things Your Kitten Should Have:

1. Premium Foods
2. Food and Water Bowls
3. Collar; halter and leash (if planning on leash-training)
4. ID Tag or AVID microchip
5. Pet carrier or crate
6. Stain remover and odor eliminator

7. Repellents and/or chew stops
8. Comb
9. Therapeutic Chew Toys
10. Ear cleansing solution
11. Heartworm, Flea, and tick control products
12. Dental Kit
13. Schedule exam with veterinarian
14. Loving, responsible, informed pet ownership


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